Moving America Forward

1st Service Solutions is featured in Moving America Forward TV show, hosted by William Shatner
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Morningstar Ranking

1st Service Solutions receives Commercial Debt Resolution Advisor Ranking from Morningstar
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CMBS 4.0 - Webinar

how do all the new regulations impact owners? Impact of the new regulations on OWNERS.

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Loan Restructures

Little to do with real estate. There’s much more driving decisions on a CMBS loan request.
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Loan Assumptions

Fastest in the Industry. Successfully completed more assumptions than anyone in the industry!
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Performing Loans

Even the most ‘simple’ requests take on a life of their own in a CMBS structure
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#1 Trusted Commercial Real Estate Advisor

When a commercial real estate loan is securitized, the owner of your loan is now thousands of nameless bondholders who will be much more interested in their investment than your real estate. To successfully negotiate anything on a CMBS loan, you must have knowledge of IRS guidelines governing these bond structures, the pool documents governing the servicer’s actions, as well as current pool level information.  There is much more driving decisions on a CMBS loan request; “simple” or complex, than an owner will typically ever know.  That is why an owner needs 1st Service Solutions. 1st Service Solutions is a team of people who were former servicers, or even CEOs and managers of the servicing shops. Do not be caught unaware.  This is not like negotiating with your local, friendly banker!

The 1st & Only Rated Borrower Advocate

Founded in 2005 by veteran servicing CEO, Ann Hambly, 1st Service Solutions was the first firm dedicated to serving exclusively as a borrower advocate for loan restructuresloan assumptions and performing loan requests within CMBS. Over the years, the firm has remained the leader in the borrower advocacy space and is currently ranked MOR CV2 by Morningstar Credit Ratings. Don’t settle for 2nd, always go with 1st (Service Solutions). To date 1st Service Solutions has achieved success on advocacy for over $15 billion transactions. 1st Service Solutions’ Menu of services.

Recent Successes by 1st Service Solutions

Our Founding Principles


Integrity– as the organization that created the borrower advocate role in the industry, we have built our reputation on integrity. We will always maintain the highest of expectations with respect to interactions with our clients, frank communication and representation of the owner’s best interest.


Care – we believe owners want to be understood and know that someone cares just as much as they want pure knowledge. Our team is made up of people who genuinely care about each other, which results in a caring environment for our clients. Sometimes, we may feel like the only party that cares in a CMBS structure!

Alignment of Interest

Alignment of Interest – we spend a lot of time providing free consultations and always put the owner’s best interest ahead of ours. We do not accept an engagement from every owner who requests our help because we are not in the business of collecting fees without a positive resolution. We do not profit unless the owner benefits and our fee structure is aligned with the owner.

Owner empowerment through education

Owner Empowerment Through Education –  many owners think a CMBS loan works like a bank loan and that a good discussion with a servicer will be as effective as a discussion with their banker. Our extensive hands-on experience with CMBS loans teaches us that this belief could not be further from the truth. 50% of our job is to educate owners on how CMBS works, inform them of the intricate “behind the scenes” factors in a CMBS loan, and help them understand what to expect and why. We spend a significant amount of time and money on the education of owners.


Relevant – because we are a borrower advocate 24/7, we are on the forefront of CMBS trends, deal structures, regulatory changes and special servicer practices; which means our service is always relevant.