The Official Borrower Advocate

Founded in 2005 by veteran servicing CEO, Ann Hambly, 1st Service Solutions was the first firm dedicated to servicing exclusively as a borrower advocate for loan restructures and assumptions within CMBS. Over the years, the firm has remained the leader in the borrower advocacy space reaching more successful outcomes on behalf of borrowers than any other firm. To date 1st Service Solutions has achieved success on advocacy for over $13 billion transactions.

Full Service Advisory Firm

1st Service Solutions has expanded beyond CMBS and now offers its great menu of services to commercial real estate owners with any type of loan (Bank loan, Life insurance company loan, FHA loan, etc.).  We provide commercial real estate owners with customized, creative solutions to their loan challenges; whether the loan is performing, in default, or maturing,  We have access to attractive debt and equity sources; providing owners a broader array of options. View our new menu of services.