Morningstar Rating

1st Service Solutions received the Industry’s First Commercial Debt Resolution Advisor Rating
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11th Anniversary!

We are proud to announce that we are celebrating our 11th anniversary!
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ICSC New York

Join us at ICSC New York National Deal Making Conference. December 5th & 6th

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Loan Restructures

Little to do with real estate. There’s much more driving decisions on a CMBS loan request.
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Loan Assumptions

Fastest in the Industry. Successfully completed more assumptions than anyone in the industry!
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Performing Loans

Even the most ‘simple’ requests take on a life of their own in a CMBS structure
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CMBS has little to do with Real Estate

When a commercial real estate loan is securitized, the owner of your loan is now thousands of nameless bondholders who will be much more interested in their investment than your real estate. To successfully negotiate anything on a CMBS loan, you must have knowledge of IRS guidelines governing these bond structures, the pool documents governing the servicer’s actions, as well as current pool level information.  There is much more driving decisions on a CMBS loan request; “simple” or complex, than an owner will typically ever know.  That is why an owner needs 1st Service Solutions. 1st Service Solutions is a team of people who were former servicers, or even CEOs and managers of the servicing shops. Do not be caught unaware.  This is not like negotiating with your local, friendly banker!

The 1st & Only Rated Borrower Advocate

Founded in 2005 by veteran servicing CEO, Ann Hambly, 1st Service Solutions was the first firm dedicated to serving exclusively as a borrower advocate for loan restructuresloan assumptions and performing loan requests within CMBS. Over the years, the firm has remained the leader in the borrower advocacy space and is currently the only rated borrower advocate. Don’t settle for 2nd, always go with 1st (Service Solutions). To date 1st Service Solutions has achieved success on advocacy for over $15 billion transactions. 1st Service Solutions’ Menu of services.

Recent Successes by 1st Service Solutions