Exposing The Truth About CMBS

2015 Webinar Series Presented by 1st Service Solutions


  1. CMBS Bed Bugs
  2. How to Get Away with Murder in CMBS
  3. Top 8 Deceptions in CMBS
  4. Curing What Ails CMBS

1. CMBS Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood.

They won’t kill you, but they will bite you. And the problem is you can’t see them if you don’t know what they look like and where to look for them. The CMBS market has its own species of bedbugs. In this webinar we will show you what they look like, where to look for them, and how to get rid of them. We will even give you some remedies if you have been infested by bedbugs.

2. How to Get Away with Murder in CMBS

1st Service Solutions’ next captivating webinar, which will cover a murder mystery. A CMBS murder mystery, to be exact. It will be up to you—the participant–to figure out who got away scot-free!

Not only will you help solve a murder mystery, but more importantly, you will understand just exactly how people get away with this crime during the CMBS loan process in the first place.

3. Top 8 Deceptions in CMBS

Deception is everywhere and more common than you think—especially within the CMBS loan servicing process. Think you have an idea of what’s really going on behind the scenes when it comes to refinancing your troubled loan? “The Top-8 Deceptions in CMBS”.

Special Sneak Preview:

Deception #1: The lender is your partner

Fact: The first thing to understand is that there is no lender on a CMBS loan

Deception #2: The economics of the property are a big factor in the special servicer’s decision

Fact: Although CMBS loans are backed by commercial real estate, the actual economics of the property matter much less once the loan is originated

Deception #3: The special servicer doesn’t want my property

Fact: Although this statement may be true in theory, the special servicer will not hesitate to foreclose on the property if the borrower does not have a solid restructure plan, new capital and a clear exit strategy

4. Curing What Ails CMBS

In our final 1st Service Solutions webinar of our series, “Exposing the Truth about CMBS”, we will discuss the current state of affairs within CMBS servicing.

So far you have been educated on many harsh truths about CMBS. Maybe it left you with a sick feeling. You may even feel personally infected. Well, fear not, because the cure is here!

This informative one-hour webinar will go over the precise cures for all of the common CMBS loan “illnesses”.

We’d like to think that the information you’ll learn can be used in the future as a vaccine. A vaccine to prevent the spread of any further CMBS-based illness! So allow us to break out our stethoscope and syringe for you.