Capital Markets

We specialize in sourcing capital for our clients

Value of our Services

These are just some of the reasons why you should choose 1st Service Solutions for your capital provider


Our senior team has over 100-years of experience in working with or for servicers on both the debt and equity side. We know first-hand the CMBS servicers requirements, including the types of capital solutions that will work for each situation

Extensive Network

We regularly work with specific capital providers who are known by the special servicers and are borrower friendly; which is a key component to a successful CMBS modification

Capital Specific To Your Need

We have relationships with an array of capital providers for all property types, nationwide, who can provide the following solutions:

  • Senior mortgages
  • Mezzanine loans and Preferred Equity
  • Bridge loans
  • Joint Venture Equity

Case Studies

Recent case studies


  • 3 Malls in 3 surrounding states all secured by 1 CMBS loan
  • Anchor tenants included Sears, JC Penney and other tenants which have closed stores
  • Loan balance: $31MM
  • Appraisal at time of resolution: $13MM
  • 1st Service Solutions got approval for a discounted payoff from the special servicer and secured 100% LTV DPO financing for the borrower


  • 260K SF office in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Loan balance: $38MM
  • Occupancy was 65% and there was $3MM in capital required to stabilize property
  • Appraisal at time of resolution: $21MM
  • 1st Service Solutions secured a transaction where the borrower was able to buy the note from a certain class of bondholders in the CMBS bond stack (for just over the appraised amount)


  • 180K SF office in Texas
  • Loan balance: $33MM
  • Largest tenant lease expired and loan matured within a few months apart
  • Appraisal at time of resolution (with large vacancy): $12MM
  • 1st Service Solutions secured a transaction where the borrower was able to buy the note from the trust by joint venturing with a large hedge fund (for the appraised amount)

1st CMBS Workout Firm

We invented the CMBS borrower advocate niche in the market and also were the 1st CMBS debt advisor to receive a ranking from Morningstar.  We received Morningstar’s second-highest ranking, MOR-CV2. Don’t settle for 2nd!