Expertise You Need. Service You Deserve.

Meet our team

Our senior team has over 100 years of combined experience in servicer shops. Our team’s dedication to advocating on behalf of its clients ensures the best possible results on a wide range of services.

Ann Hambly

Founder and CEO

Bill Stuckeman

Managing Director, Lodging Group

Tim Looney

Director of Sales

Sonny Torres


Yajush Rana

Yajush Rana


Steve Banegas

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Whittington

Director of Assumptions

Alex Johnson

Geof Mulford

Account Executive

Matt Haake


Megan White

Air Traffic Control

Kevin Duty

Managing Director, Workouts

Nick Johnson

CMO & Chief Sales Officer

Alex Johnson

Asset Manager

Hillary Stuckeman



Good Spirits Officer

A company is only as good as the quality of the people who serve you, and how well they work together.  Ann Hambly has assembled leading players from the Special Servicers and created something that is rare – an authentic team. People who work with Ann at 1st Service Solutions appreciate the quality and skill of the professional that they are privileged to work and interact with. Ann Hambly built her company on an unshakable commitment to serving the critical needs of the Owner. John King

Cultural Architect

Bill Bathe

MLB Borrower Advocate

What Separates Us?

We were the first and are the most experienced. This is what separates us from the competition:

Special Servicer Background

Our employees have special servicing backgrounds. This enables us to provide valuable insight into servicers’ requirements.

Full Time Employees

We have full time employees. You are personally assigned an asset manager that is a full time employee of 1st Service Solutions. We do not outsource.

This is Our Core Business

Borrower advocacy is our core business. We invented the borrower advocate niche, and this is what we do, all day, every day.