Performing Loan Advisors

Advisory services on performing loans

Even the most ‘simple’ requests take on a life of their own in a CMBS structure

Here are some of the typical performing loan advisor services we can help you with:


 Lease Amendments, Approvals, SNDA’s

We will facilitate the entire approval process and get you to the right decision makers so you can get your approvals quicker!

change of property manager

This may seem like a routine, simple request, but it can be all but that. Let us help you get approval to change your property management company!

reserve requests

Getting your funds quickly is critical for owners! Let us help you get your funds in the quickest possible way. We will help you prepare the initial package and request and then ensure you get your money quickly. If you need access to your reserve funds for something different than the loan documents originally contemplated, we can help you potentially get approval for that also.

cash management or accounting “issues”

Many CMBS loans have provisions in the Loan Agreement that require lender approval for alterations to the property when the cost exceeds the defined “materiality threshold”. Let us handle getting the approval, as the approval typically requires both the special servicer and the CCR.

reviewing loan documents on a new CMBS loan

to give you feedback on ways to make the loan more flexible and pitfalls to watch out for

Let us review your draft loan documents and offer suggested changes to (1) make your CMBS loan more flexible during the term of the loan, and (2) potentially save you tons of money! Do you know that by simply adding three words to one paragraph of your new loan documents, you can save 5% of the loan balance? Don’t sign new CMBS loan documents without having us perform this simple, quick, and inexpensive review service.

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