The Company

1st Service Solutions is a full-service commercial real estate advisory firm, qualified and able to assist clients with any type of loan or assumption. The 1st Service Solutions professional team provides advice and solutions for any servicing need ranging from the addition or removal of collateral on an existing CMBS loan to complex restructuring on all loan types nationwide. The firm creates custom strategies based on owner objectives when dealing with lenders and special servicers, including tax consultation.

1st Service Solutions is dedicated to representing the borrower, never the lender, leaving the sole focus of advocacy on the owner/borrower. Founder Ann Hambly, is a 30-year veteran and recognized leader in the commercial real estate industry. Having come up through the ranks in the servicing industry, she saw the need to create the niche market of borrower advocacy for commercial real estate clients before anyone else in 2005.

Today, 1st Service Solutions is the industry leading commercial real estate advisory firm, with over $13 billion of successful transactions. The company is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas and has commercial real estate broker advocacy ambassadors throughout the nation. The company advocates on an owner’s behalf for all types of loans (CMBS, FHA, Fannie Mae, Life Company, Bank loans, etc.) and for all types of properties nationwide.

The company has annual revenue of approximately $3MM – $4MM and is poised for significant growth as the large wave of commercial real estate loans mature in the coming years.

Key Differentiators


1st Service Solutions is a reputable advisory firm in the CRE marketplace

Clientele should take the time to research the company they intend to do business with regarding commercial real estate finance. Not all are alike by any means.


Leaders in our firm have previous hands-on experience in servicing shops

This background enables 1st Service Solutions to provide valuable insight into servicers’ requirements.


Borrower advocacy is our core business

1st Service Solutions literally invented the borrower advocacy niche within this industry.


1st Service Solutions CEO touches every deal

1st Service Solutions’ Founder & CEO Ann Hambly is personally involved and has her eyes fixed on every deal.


Full-time employees

Clients are assigned full-time asset managers, fully employed by 1st Service Solutions.


Passion & compassion!

The most important traits 1st Service Solutions owns – How they care is who they are!