Michael Bull interviews Ann Hambly at ICSC Recon15

$350 Billion of CMBS Loan Maturities by 2017 1st Service Solutions CEO Ann Hambly speaks to Michael Bull, host of the Commercial Real Estate Show about the looming crisis of CMBS loan maturities through 2017. With $350 billion at stake, can you afford not to watch?...

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Idiosyncratic risk?

US CMBS 2.0/3.0 loan troubles scrutinised The US$96.4m Ty Warner Hotels & Resorts Portfolio loan, securitised in MSC 2012-C4, has become the latest high-profile CMBS 2.0/3.0 loan to face difficulties (SCI 6 May). Such instances are being portrayed as idiosyncratic in...

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1st Service Solutions Sounds the CMBS Maturity Alarm

Almost $150 Billion at Risk over the Next Three Years DALLAS, TX(April 22, 2015)–1stService Solutions, an industry leading commercial real estate loan owner advocate and refinance firm, has some sobering news to share about the future of maturities in the commercial...

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Shopping Center Aims to Buck Mall Closure Trend

Shopping malls have taken a beating over the past few years with major retailers such as Sears and Macy’s pulling out of prime anchor spots. While the average vacancy rate at the nation’s malls was 92.7 percent in 2014, 25 of the nation’s nearly 1,000 shopping malls...

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CMBS Shops Pull Back on Retail Collateral

Buy-side resistance is causing commercial MBS lenders to dial back their originations of retail mortgages.   Loans on shopping centers and malls have accounted for just 22% of the total collateral of U.S. securitizations so far this quarter, down from 29-33% over the...

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When the CMBS Market Plays Musical Chairs

Nearly everyone has played the game of musical chairs at some point in their lives. When the music stopped, the unfortunate participant who ended up without a chair at the end of a round had to sit out the rest of that game and wait for the next one to get...

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Loan Modification – New Fuel Station Lease

Deal of the Month - January103,047 Square Foot Anchored Retail Center in Washington     Collateral • Approximately $21 million • Anchored retail center in Washington • 2006 origination • 11/2016 loan maturity • $24.8 million value at time of underwriting   Challenge •...

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A ‘tsunami’ of store closings expected to hit retail

Get ready for the next era in retail—one that will be characterized by far fewer shops and smaller stores.   On Tuesday, Sears said that it will shutter its flagship store in downtown Chicago in April. It's the latest of about 300 store closures in the U.S. that Sears...

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Maturing CMBS Retail Loans Mean More Problems Are Imminent

"Maturing CMBS Retail Loans Mean More Problems Are Imminent" REBusinessOnline.com   The success of a mall depends on the performance of the many different retailers in that mall — especially the anchor tenant. The owner of any mall that has a JC Penney, a Sears or...

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A Not-to-Miss CMBS Party – Scotsman Guide article

  Independent operating advisors play a critical role in CMBS transactions   Commercial mortgage brokers may understand a borrower’s confusion when it comes to the various parties involved in a commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) deal. Each transaction has...

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NEW RULES OF THE ROAD for CMBS bondholders

Anyone who has driven from Los Angeles to Las Vegas has been on that remote stretch of straight, flat highway where the posted speed limit is more of guideline than a rule. You know you shouldn’t be speeding, but you do it anyway since all you can see for miles is a...

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Commercial Mortgage Trust Advisor – OFFICIAL RATING

    1st Service Advisory Solutions first to recieve Morningstar's CMBS trust advisor rating   DALLAS-- 1st Service Solutions today announced its subsidiary, 1st Service Advisory Solutions, has been assigned a ‘MOR TA3’ ranking as a commercial mortgage trust advisor by...

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Real Estate Forum – November 2012 – featuring Ann Hambly

  How do you see workouts trending in the next year? [Ann Hambly answers] "Put yourself in a position where everything you did was subject to scrutiny by a group of people with very different motivations than yours. This is the position a CMBS special servicer is in....

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AUCTION PLANNING – article published November 2012

  Participants urged to be aware of CMBS note sale costs Increasing adoption of US CMBS note auctions is significant for both noteholders and borrowers. Losses can be considerable and the tax implications for borrowers are not widely understood. Note auctions have...

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Hear how CRE will fare in the Election’s Aftermath

  DATE: November 15, 2012 TIME: NOON ET REGISTRATION COST: FREE! Register Now >   Want to know how the presidential election impacts commercial real estate? A GlobeSt.com webinar sponsored by 1st Service Solutions will take place on Nov. 15, just days after the...

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