As Seen On TV – Rated

Oct 31, 2016 | Blog

As Seen On TV – RATED

Ever seen an infomercial where some loud obnoxious, screaming at the top of their lungs, spokesperson is selling based on the big financial windfall due to some misfortune that happened in the past?

The in your face, over the top, and angry approach often catches us off guard and pulls us into what their selling. It’s a proven marketing strategy. Before you know it, you’ve scrambled for pen and paper to take the number down, not really knowing why…other than you were told to by this hyperventilating nut—-they shocked you into it!

Just as you start to take the information down, you notice the fine print. You know…the wording at the very bottom of the screen which says, “Not Board Certified.” Meaning, they’re really not who they say they are, or they couldn’t pass the test, or they had their credentials removed for one reason or another. Not Board Certified is the same as They’re Not Rated!

Is that who you want to represent you when you need guidance on a CMBS loan workout? Good rule of thumb, when dealing with or needing a borrower advocate on any CMBS loan, always use someone who is “rated” by a credible rating agency and not some outfit promising over the top, unrealistic outcomes…what you want to hear. You know, those loud souls who have just hung a shingle in borrower advocacy space because they think if they yell loud enough, talk fast enough and put the fear into you, you’ll not read the fine print…”Not Rated.”

There’s only one rated borrower advocate, 1st Service Solutions.

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