There’s a push or pull to all messages, but they’re all personal

by: Ann Hambly

Push marketing and pull marketing: They’re two contrasting methods that define how best to approach customers. In push marketing, you take your service directly to your clients — push it toward them, usually before they need you. In pull marketing, you depend on your well-promoted and trusted brand to bring clients to you when they need your service — you pull them in.
One approach is not superior to the other. The proper method to use depends on the circumstances of the deal and your clients’ needs and motivations. But whichever method you choose, understanding the client’s needs is essential. Researching potential clients To use the push method effectively in approaching commercial real estate borrowers, you must first determine what these borrowers need, and then provide for them what they cannot provide for themselves.
Probably the most common way to get a read on what a particular commercial real estate borrower needs is to research that person’s company on the Internet and make an assessment. Sometimes, to be thorough, you may even research the person’s public profile on LinkedIn or other social media sites. If you are lucky, you might figure out what school the person attended or some shared hobbies, so you can use that information to connect with the individual when you reach out. What you are trying to do is figure out a way to push your product to the borrowers and convince them that they need your company. Regardless of how we couch the conversation, this is the ultimate goal: to get the borrowers to understand why they need you. This is the essence of the push method of marketing.

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