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“Ann and 1st Service Solutions have invested very heavily in webinars which have educated me about the landscape of CMBS loans and the variety of options out there.  I am very grateful for that.  That investment, their credentials and their truly human approach have earned my trust.  When it’s time for the experts, I turn to 1st Service Solutions.”

Matt Fagin

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April 18th

Retail Apocalypse

The headlines in the news lately state:

  • “Amazon’s buy of Whole Foods could transfer retail CRE”
  • “The latest results from a survey state reveal that CRE owners are continuing to tread carefully in a market fraught with challenges”
  • “Retail is set to reboot”
  • “IKEA, Ulta, TJX and Dollar Tree plan brick-and-mortar growth”
  • “The relentless rise of online sales and mounting struggles of brick-and-mortar retailers are taking their toll on retail real estate”

One thing is for certain! Retail is changing.
This webinar will focus on the changes in the retail landscape and how- and when – an owner should approach the lender/servicer to accommodate the changing landscape.








January 17th

Cash Management & CMBS

Your loan documents most likely allow the servicer to control and keep all your cash flow when certain hurdles are triggered. Many of those triggers are based on MARKET conditions; not your property condition! This is one of the most frequent issues CMBS borrowers are currently facing – the loss of all their cash flow!  Learn about the triggers, how the servicer calculations are performed, some of the more severe case studies, and most importantly; what to look out for before you sign your CMBS loan documents.

What Software Will I Need?
You don’t need any special software, except for java, which is standard software on most computers. Check to see if you have the most current version right here.
Do I Need a Phone?
You will not need a phone to listen to this webinar. It will be VIOP (voice over internet). However, dial-in instructions are available if necessary.

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RETAIL….IS THERE A RETURN POLICY? If you buy an item through a retail store and you aren’t satisfied with it when you get home, you can usually return the item to the store.  If only there was a similar return policy for the whole mall or retail center!  Many retail...

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CMBS 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0

The Startling Difference Between CMBS 1.0, CMBS 2.0 & CMBS 3.0 The new genre of CMBS loan documents is remarkably different to borrowers than the legacy CMBS loan documents. If you are a borrower with CMBS debt, you need to attend this webinar! Robert Grenda and...

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How To Modify A Performing Loan

How To Modify A Performing Loan Webinar Recording There is no such thing as simple in CMBS! Even the most ‘simple’ type requests – changing property management firms, getting a lease approved, getting funds from your reserve account – can take on a life of its own...

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Oil & CMBS Don’t Mix

Oil & CMBS Don't Mix If you have a CMBS loan that is being affected by the drop in oil prices, you need to attend this webinar! As shale drillers have been scaling back, many properties with energy-exposed CMBS debt face an uncertain future. In this webinar, you will...

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The Secret to Successfully Restructuring Your CMBS Loan

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2015 Webinar Series – Exposing The Truth About CMBS

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Navigating the Treacherous CMBS Landscape Explore the scenery of the CMBS land from maturing loans to defaults to new originations. Ann Hambly, a leading expert in CMBS, offers insights into the opportunities and pitfalls this treacherous landscape has to offer.

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