by: Ann Hambly

What are you most afraid of? To me it is not knowing what is ahead or just around the corner. Things are much less scary to me when I understand what is going to happen, or why something happens. Surprises are emotion provoking; scary or otherwise.

If you had a way to see what is ahead or just around the corner, wouldn’t you want to know?

You have that ability when it comes to your CMBS loan at least.  Whether you have an upcoming large tenant that is expiring, suffered damage as a result of one of the natural disasters recently, or waited so long that you are actually coming out of pocket to keep the loan current; you can gain an understanding of the monster around the corner. We are already around the corner, so allow us to share with you what we see.

Why would you not do that? That is, unless you liked to be scared! It IS that month after all!